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Dispensing Robot QUICK8433

Dispensing Robot QUICK8433
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Linear platform, high performance price ratio, aesthetic appearance. 
Teach pendant, easy to program. 
High-precision stepper motor control, precise dispensing path. 
Dispensing speed and time can be set separately. 
Different dispensing paths like points, lines and circles are available. 
Various needles, syringes, valves and controllers are available, suitable for different applications.
Main Configuration:
3 Axis.
Teach Pendant.
Dispensing Controller(QUICK982SA/SL/LL).
Dispensing Syringes/Valves.
Various Needles.



Model  QUICK8433
Voltage 100-240V AC
Axis 3
Movement Range X 400mm
Y 400mm
Z 100mm
Speed Range X 0.1-800mm/sec
Y 0.1-800mm/sec
Z 0.1-400mm/sec
Repeat Accuracy X ±0.02mm
Resolution X 0.01mm
Loaded Weight Worktable 8kg
Head 5kg
Speed Control Smoothly
Gluing Compensation Glue feeding ahead or delay etc
Demo File Number ≤999, Max 60000 points for each file
Process File Number ≤255
Environmental  Conditons Temperature 0-40℃
Humidity 20%-90%(No Condensing)
Size W×D×H 570×570×580mm
Weight Around 26kg


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