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Soldering Robot QUICK9234

Soldering Robot QUICK9234
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● Large power heating controller, ensure the stability of continuous soldering. 
● Slope lines function, can avoid nonconformity soldering caused by irregular pins. 
● Control signal can be input and output. 
● Auto cleaning system, optimized programme, high production efficiency.  
● Vision recognition system optional, identify the position of soldering workpiece, precise localization, accurate soldering.
● Safety grating and protective cover, ensure operator safety. 
Standard Configuration:
● 4 Axis.
●Teach Pendant.
●Heating Controller: QUICK378C.
●Soldering Wire Feeder: QUICK371HI.
●Soldering Iron: QUICK9018AM.
●911G Tips.
●Tip Cleaner(Includes the tip dross box).
●Fume Extractor(Optional).
Model  QUICK9234
Voltage 100-240V AC   
Power(W) 150
Temperature Range 50-500℃(as per working mode)
Axis 4
Movement Range(mm) X 250
Y 250
Z 100
R 300°
Speed Range(mm/sec) X 0.1-800   mm/sec
Y 0.1-800   mm/sec
Z 0.1-300   mm/sec
R 0.1-800°/sec
Repeat Accuracy(mm) X ±0.02
R ±0.02°
Resolution(mm) X 0.01
R 0.01°
Loaded Weight(kg) Worktable 8kg
Head 2kg
Speed Control Smoothly
Demo File Number ≤999, Max 60000 points for each file
Process File Number ≤255
Solder Wire Dia(mm) 0.3, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2
Environmental  Conditons Temperature(℃) 0-40
Humidity(%) 20-90(No Condensing)
Size W×D×H(mm) 420×420×790
Weight(kg) Around 20 kg 


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