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Rework Station QUICK856AE

Rework Station QUICK856AE
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● Three channels CH1, CH2 and CH3, parameters of each channel like time, air volume and temperature can be preset, can be changed in channel CH0.
● Password protection and button lock function available, prevent menu from being changed at will.
● Easy real-time operation, auto sleeping function available, parameters can be set in sleeping mode.
● Closed loop sensor, temperature controlled by micro computer zero trigger, large power, rapid temperature rising, temperature can be easily and accurately adjusted, not affected by airflow.
● Brushless fan, wide range of airflow adjustable, suitable for many applications.
● Auto cooling function available, long lifetime ceramic heater. 
Power Consumption  1200W
Temperature Range 100℃ -500℃
Working Time 1-999s (“---” refers to no time limiting) 
 Airflow Range 6-200class
Max Airflow 200L/min
Size(L×D×H)  250(L)×230(D)×150(H)mm
Weight  3.80kg


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