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Soldering Station QUICK3205

Soldering Station QUICK3205
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●High frequency current heating, rapid heating and thermal recovery. 

●Micro computer control, digital calibration, temperature adjustable, auto sleeping and auto shut- off functions available. 

●Large power 150W. 
●Temperature locked by password, ensure the soldering process.
●Insert-plug design of heating element, easy maintenance, various tips available. 


Power Consumption 150W
Temperature Range 100℃~550℃(Max)
Temperature Stability ±2℃(Stationary air, no load)
Tip To Ground Resistance ﹤2Ω
Tip To Ground Potential ﹤2mV
Dimensions 200(L)×130(W)×100(H)mm
Weight(No Soldering Iron) 1.4KG


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